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Sites4good operates per UWA semester:
 end of Feb - end of May   &  end of July - end of Oct  
  2 x ca.10 week blocks

We will be welcoming interest of your charity all year round, but those two blocks are the times when we work hard at designing the website and need communication with your charity.

We would be working at our best if you had spent some time thinking about:

- who will be in contact with the students?
- what you need the website to do for your charity?

- images and some content, text ( which can always be amended by you later), logo?

- existing domain, website, issues with the current website?
Charity questionnaire >

Any charity recognised by the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission can apply with us for a free website.

Your website will be built by volunteer students from the University of Western Australia, under the guidance of professional designers. The website will be a professional representation of your Charity and is built to create awareness for your charity, to promote your cause and to increase donations.

Go to the page with the calendar and a list of project milestones that the students follow during the 10 weeks semester.


Our Process (goes here and below transfer to another page)


Why do the students do it?

The students from UniHall live together, we spend time together at the UniHall Innovation Space, working together, getting to know each other, sharing pizza and laughing together. Overall an enjoyable experience for students and mentors.

The students might expect to learn how to design a website, but what they learn most is to handle a real work environment, solving problems, both technical and human to human, they experience growth in confidence and independence.

When new students come to the program they are keen to get to know the issues small charities have and to make a difference. They amaze us with their skills and intelligence.

There is no catch

After years of giving free Wix workshops, we, unleash design wanted to volunteer in a meaningful way. Together with Unihall we mentor students to build a free basic website each for charities that under represented online
The free basic website is a springboard that the charity can extend upon.

Wix enables you to add a lot of important functionality onto your basic website for free:
Growing community: member access, blog, forum, subscription plan, paypal button, image galleries, mini shop (ECWID), instagram feed, booking platform for one on one sessions, email marketing, etc.

Free website design - Free website forever

With a coupon charities on the ACNC register can get a basic hosting plan for a year which allows you to connect your own domain and have no advertising on the website. 


E-commerce solutions require more than a basic plan (shop, booking for groups and with online payment.

Hand over information

At the end of the semester your website created by students of Sites4good is ready to be handed over to you.
The students together with mentors from Unleash Design will continue to support you.

You've got a Wix website
A Wix website is easy and safe to maintain and grow. Help is available through Sites4good during Uni semester, the Wix knowledge base or ticket system and a large number of Youtube videos.

Free website, free plan with coupon
The setup and design of the website by Sites4good is free, please open a free account with Wix to transfer your website to.
Wix has granted you a coupon that allows you to get an entry level premium plan for free. This enables you to connect your charity's domain with your website.
You can request a coupon again before the plan will renew if you are still registered with the ACNC.

Website transfer
We have already connected the plan with the coupon for you, when we transfer the website to you, although the plan is free with the coupon the Wix billing system will ask you to enter credit card details upon transfer, to avoid being billed in a years time please "cancel" the plan in "Subscriptions" in the Wix dashboard. You will receive a renewal notice on the email you created the Wix account with next year. You can ask for another coupon to renew the plan. You will always keep the website for free with a default Wix domain, but you need a plan to not have advertising and connect your own domain.

You might have already purchased a domain with an Australian domain host. To connect your domain you just need to be able to log in to your domain host and change the existing name servers to the Wix name servers that you will be given when you click "connect domain" in your Wix dashboard.
If you would like us to assist with that we will require the login details to your domain host.

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