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Find out the answers to some of our frequently asked questions below.

  • What kinds of organisations are eligible for Sites4Good’s free web design services?
    Currently, Sites4Good only builds websites for Australian-registered charities and non-profit organisations, as well as UWA-affiliated clubs and student initiatives. Following your initial client application, we will conduct a background check to ensure your organisation is registered with the Australian Charities and Non-for-profits Commission or is associated with UWA. We are looking to expand the programme to cater for small entrepreneurial startups in the coming months. For further updates, keep an eye on our website and follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Are there any fees associated with using Sites4Good?
    Sites4Good offers free web design services to our clients; therefore, zero fees are charged by us. However, a small cost is required to maintain a Wix Premium plan which ensures your website has a custom domain and remains advertisement-free. This is a 2-year plan which you will be required to renew at the end of the period. If you are an ACNC-registered organisation, you are eligible for a discount coupon which will ensure the cost is equivalent to around $9.00 per month (as of December 2023). Alternatively, you can opt for a free Wix plan which is free of charge, but will feature advertisements and a generic domain. By following this option, there will be zero total cost for your website.
  • Do you use any other website builders other than Wix?
    Sites4Good only uses the Wix Website Builder for web design, as this is what our student volunteers are trained in using. Currently, we do not offer services using any other web design platform. For more information about why we use Wix, please see Our process.
  • Are Sites4Good's services available outside of Australia?
    At the moment, we only build websites for Australian-registered charities and non-profit organisations. For further updates, check our website and follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • What kinds of projects does Sites4Good work on?
    To ensure sufficient work for our student volunteers, Sites4Good will only build new websites or completely rebuild existing websites for our clients. For smaller-scale tasks, such as updating certain pages on your current website, we are unable to guarantee we will be able to complete this task. Please contact us at to discuss further.
  • How can I request free web design services from Sites4Good?
    To get started, simply fill out our client application form! Click Apply for a website at the top of this page.
  • What information do you need from my organisation to start the web design process?
    By filling out our client application form, you will provide us with crucial information to start the web design process. Information that we require includes an overview of your organisation’s purpose and aims, your vision for your website, and any text/images or resources you have for us to work with. During our initial meeting with you, we will also clarify any other resources we may require.
  • How long does a website take to create?
    Sites4Good offers a 10-week programme to our student volunteers. Over that time, students learn the art of web design and build a fully-functional polished website for their clients under the supervision of industry professionals. Our operational periods are March to June and August to November. Website handovers will take place around the end of each period. We review and accept client applications all year round.
  • How soon can Sites4Good start building our website?
    We accept client applications all year round - however, as we are a student-led programme, we follow the university timetable and only commence new projects at the beginning of each semester (i.e. March and August). This ensures our team is adequately trained and prepared for each project.
  • What kinds of features or customisation can I have in my website?
    We typically build 5-page websites for our clients. However, there are various features offered by Wix which we can incorporate. Features we have included to date include e-commerce shops, blogs, forums, members only areas, and more. We are able to customise the website to best suit your organisation’s needs. During our initial meeting, we will be able to discuss with you the possible options.
  • Can I use my own domain name with the website you design?
    Yes! If you have an existing parked domain, or a domain linked to an active website, that domain can be used to connect to your Wix website. At the end of the website building process, we will request you to provide your login information to your current domain provider so we are able to connect the domain to your newly-built website.
  • How do I provide feedback or request changes during the design process?
    Our team of website designers will ensure you are kept in the loop during the website building phase. They will have an introductory meeting with you to understand your expectations, and aim to meet with you every 1-2 weeks to take onboard your feedback. This will ensure you can request changes at any time.

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