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Our process

Learn more about how Sites4Good operates and the process from ideas to a final product.

Our timeline

Sites4Good operates over the following production timeframes:

  • March to June

  • August to November

We welcome expressions of interest from organisations all year round, but the above two periods are when we will be working hard at designing your website and require communication with your charity.

Before applying through our client application form, we would encourage your organisation to spend some time thinking about:

  • Who will be in contact with our team

  • Your vision for the website. How will it help your organisation?

  • Content to include in your website, such as images, logos and text (which can always be amended by you later)

  • The existing domain and website, and any issues with your current website (if applicable)

  • Whether you may require a Wix Premium plan (see below).

Possible costs

Sites4Good offers web design services free of charge. However, Sites4Good recommends that in order to receive a professional site with greater functionality, a Wix Premium plan should be purchased.

Any charity recognised by the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission can apply for a coupon to reduce the cost of a Wix Premium plan through our supporting organisation, ConnectingUp. The coupon will reduce the cost of your 2-year Wix Premium plan by around 70%. The total cost involved in the purchase of the discounted plan sums to around $200 for two years.

Some of the features offered by a standard Wix Premium Plan (known as Core) include:

  • Custom domain (includes connecting one you already own)

  • No advertisements

  • Basic e-Commerce (includes the ability to sell products online)

  • Ability to accept payments

  • Booking functionality

  • Site analytics

  • 24/7 Wix Customer Care

Alternatively, you can receive your website for free with a free Wix plan. However, the site will be subject to advertising and a non-customisable domain.

Stages of web design

Greetings and getting started

  • Our team will contact and meet with you to discuss your ideas/requests for your website.

  • We will collect any images, text, or videos that you wish to include.

  • We will start to design and populate the pages on your website.

Your website in progress...

  • We will closely engage you in the website making progress, seeking regular feedback on our design so you're included and up to speed in the process.

  • We're happy to answer any questions you have along the way too.

Your website is completed

  • We'll adjust the website for mobile use and ensure it is optimised for search engines.

  • We'll then guide you through the handover process, assisting you with the connection of the domain and discounted coupon.

  • Your website is now ready for use!

Handover information

At the end of the production timeframe, your website is ready to be handed over to you. Our team, together with our mentors from Unleash Design, will support you during this process.

Discounted plan with coupon

If your request a website with a custom domain, no adverts and functions like e-commerce, we will assist you to apply for a ConnectingUp coupon and obtain a paid Wix Premium plan.

Domain connection

You may have already purchased a domain with an Australian domain host. To connect your domain, you need to be able to log in to your domain host so we can connect your parked domain to the website.


Ongoing support
Congratulations! Your website is live. However, our support doesn't end there. We can provide you with a simple tutorial on how to maintain your website moving forward using the user-friendly, drag-and-drop Wix editor. Help is available year-round via Sites4Good during semester and via the Wix Help Center.

Web Design

Why Wix?

Sites4Good uses the industry-leading Wix Website Builder for all our clients.

FlexibilityWix provides an array of important functionalities for your website including member access, blogs, forums, image galleries, e-commerce, Instagram feeds, booking platforms, email marketing, and more.

User-friendly: The Wix editor is simple to use and involves no coding; rather, it involves a 'drag-and-drop' model. This means you are able to maintain your website moving forward with no technical knowledge.

Discounted website design: With a coupon, charities on the ACNC register can receive a heavily discounted Wix Core Premium plan for two years which allows you to connect your own domain, have no advertising on your website, and use basic e-commerce solutions.

Have a question? Browse our FAQs

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