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Our volunteers

Our team of student volunteers are passionate about giving back to the community.

Our team is based at University Hall, UWA's own residential college.

The students from UniHall live together and learn the art of web design at Sites4Good's weekly workshops at UniHall's Innovation Space, under the supervision of industry professionals. Here, they work together, get to know each other, share pizza and laugh together. It's an enjoyable experience for students and mentors.

The programme sits under UniHall's Pathways to Leadership program. Students may expect to learn how to design a website, but what they learn most is to handle a real work environment and solve problems, both technical and human-to-human. The goal is that they experience growth in confidence and independence.

Following each semester (generally July and October), the biannual Sites4Good Showcase provides an opportunity for programme stakeholders and clients to celebrate the achievements the students have achieved.

No background experience in web design for our volunteers is required.


Skills our participants learn include:

Project management

  • Using project management software Trello for group discussion

  • Learning real-world client and professional communication skills

  • Undertaking project goal setting

Digital strategy

  • Difference between strip design and single scroll options

  • The digital sales process

  • Specific features of the Wix editor, supported through tutorials from Unleash Design

Website design fundamentals

  • Arranging layout and composition

  • Understanding proximity/margins

  • Choosing suitable colour schemes and typography

  • Customising mobile site design

Image processing

  • Undertaking Wix editor image processing

  • Making use of free image processing applications

  • Understanding where and when to use images on a website

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

  • Learning how to identify key search terms and SEO fundamentals

  • Setting up on-page SEO via Wix dashboard and Google Analytics

Wix applications

  • Commonly used apps offered by the Wix editor

  • Charity related apps offered by the Wix editor

  • Payment gateways and possible e-commerce options

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