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Our Process

Steps To Your Website

Place an application from this website

Get Connected with the dedicated Sites4Good team. Meet with the volunteer who will be making your site. Tell us what you want, Provide Photos and other Digital assets you want your website to highlight.

Provide feedback on our drafts until we have brought your website to life.

Connect your domain Launch your website and open your doors to new online traffic

pngtree-2023-calendar-full-year-black-png-image_8708975 2.png

All You Have to do to Start is to

its that simple

Operation Periods

Sites4good operates per UWA semester
end of Feb - end of May   &  end of July - end of Oct   

2 10 week blocks a year

We will be welcoming interest of your charity all year round, but those two blocks are the times when we work hard at designing the website and need communication with your charity.

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Find Your Vision

Meet with the student volunteer and find the online right presence for you.

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Build Your Website

Work with our team to collect digital assets create our website.

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Optimization Your Site

Have your online presence optimized with guidance from leading industry experts.

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Launch Your Website

Connect to your domain and Launch your website for free with adds or at a low charity rate.

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