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Why do the students do it?

The students from UniHall live together, we spend time together at the UniHall Innovation Space, working together, getting to know each other, sharing pizza and laughing together. Overall an enjoyable experience for students and mentors.

The students might expect to learn how to design a website, but what they learn most is to handle a real work environment, solving problems, both technical and human to human, they experience growth in confidence and independence.

When new students come to the program they are keen to get to know the issues small charities have and to make a difference. They amaze us with their skills and intelligence.

You Will Learn:

Project Management

- Utilising Trello for group               discussions

- Client/professional communication

- Project goal setting

Website Design Fundamentals

- Layout and composition

- Grids

- Proximity and margins

- Colour schemes

- Typography

- Screen resolutions

- Mobile site design

Search Engine Optimisation

- Key search terms

- Setup

- On-page SEO

- Google Analytics

- Dashboard

- SEO fundamentals

Digital Strategy

- Digital sales process

- Conversions

- Strip design

- Single scroll

How To Use The Wix Editor

- Wix editor overview

- Tutorials

- Under the guide of professionals from Unleased Design

Wix Applications

- Commonly used apps

- Charity related apps

- Payment gateways

Email Marketing

- Report and optimisation

- Email template design

- Email marketing strategy

- Wix Shout Out

Image Processing

- Pixlr In-browser image processing

- Wix editor image processing

- Free image processing applications

Join and Belong to a Community that does good.
We Need You!
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