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Wave Race


Sites4good operates per UWA semester:
 End of February - end of May & end of July - end of October

We will be welcoming interest of your charity all year around, but those to blocks are the times when we work hard at designing the website and need communication with your charity.

We would be working at our best if the you had spend some time thinking about:

- who will be in contact with the students?
- what you need the website to do for your charity?

- images and some content, text ( which can always be amended by you later), logo?

Below is our calendar and a list of project milestones that the students follow during the 10 weeks semester.

Calendar & Milestones


  • Contact charity with welcome email. Schedule call, zoom, meeting

  • Asset collection: images, text, sitemap of old website, videos.

  • Let Charity create Wix account to hand website to.

  • Select template, make student contributor.

  • Website scope: 5 pages + blog if desired (no shop)

  • Determine digital strategy, who? what? where? how? Navigation. Think mobile! Think accessibility! Think voice search!

  • Design Home Page draft

  • Get draft approval from charity with "Get feedback" link to charity

  • Inner Pages design based on home page design

  • Research competitors, research and set up targeted keywords/headings for each page include related paragraphs, set up page descriptions, keyword URLs.

  • Check functionality: navigation, forms, links, social media buttons

  • Check loading speed. optimised images? too much above the fold or on one page? slideshows? social media feeds?

  • Final feedback from charity and adjustments

  • Adjust rest of mobile site

  • WIX Coupon - upgrade plan on S4G account.

  • Connect Domain (change names servers in domain host) - If charity needs help with connecting domain, we need Domain host login.

  • 301 Redirects if existing old website

  • Wix SEO wizard

  • Handover: transfer website to charity

  • Feedback from Charities - add project to S4G website

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