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HorsePower - Amril Hwang

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

HorsePower provides a range of equine related and assisted therapeutic activities to empower people with disabilities to develop new skills, discover new abilities and define the life they want to live.

Amril's Experience

During my time with Sites4Good, I have adopted a range of roles, each providing me with different perspective, experience and skillsets. I initially started out as a tier one, web design intern. I then transitioned to a tier two, group leader and intern mentor. Currently, I am undertaking the role as Chief Marketing Officer, a part of the executive team at Sites4Good. Being a part of this initiative has helped me enhance my soft skills - be it leadership, communication, or problem - solving skills; as well as my hard skills - such as web design, site engine optimisation and so much more. The Sites4Good program has been a joy to be a part of, working with everyone involved to collectively strive to do well and empower each other along the way.

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