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Standing Shoulder to Shoulder - Alya Tilling & Ram Chandrasekaran

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Standing Shoulder to Shoulder is a domestic abuse helpline for LGBTQI+ abuse victims. The LGBTQI+ community are one of the groups experiencing frequent domestic violence. Due to being such a niche community, it was discovered that there was not a lot of help resources available.

Alya's Experience

I was a part of Sites4Good for 18 months. For a portion of this time, I was a tier two managing two tier 1 intern teams. During this period I mentored the interns, guiding them to ensure they create professional and successful websites, resulting in the development of my interpersonal skills.

Being a member of Sites4Good actually helped me get a job as I was able to show that I could work closely with clients and communicate in a professional manner. Sites4Good helped me develop transferable skills which I now implement at my current employment. I am required to communicate with people in a clear and concise manner to ensure they fully understand.

Some of my main takeaways from Sites4Good include website development and growth of digital design. These days, digital design and how you can present yourself or others online (folio, professsional design) is very important, so I am grateful for the learning opportunity I was provided with through the Sites4Good program. I think that Sites4Good is a beneficial program to be a part of, not only to be able to develop skills, interpersonal and digital, but also to give back to the wider community, assisting charities wanting to do good things!

Ram's Experience

I am the current Chief Executive Officer (2021), and I have been a part of Sites4Good for two and a half years. During 2019, I worked as an intern alongside Alya, to design and produce the Standing Shoulder to Shouder charity website.

During my time working within the Sites4Good program, I have gained insight into how the real world works, how to meet deadlines and work within a professional environment. I developed my interpersonal skills between managing clients, interns, and people's expectations.

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