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MedicalAccess4All - Natassha Naomi

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

MedicalAcess4All were a newly established charity when I worked with them to build their website. Their aim was to send terminally ill patients overseas if there is no treatment or cure provided in Perth, fully funded in terms of accommodation and medical fees. I had the honour of working with the charity to create a brand new website, I even designed their new logo!

Natassha's Experience

My current role in Sites4Good is as a tier three, acting as account manager and mentoring a group of tier ones. I have developed interpersonal skills, such as learning to communicate effectively and professionally. It has been a challenge, but a fantastic learning experience, as mentoring was new to me when I joined the initiative. Sites4Good has allowed me to build on transferable skills, such as managing people in an organisational work-place setting, which I can later apply to future employment.

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